Do the magnets go inside your nose?

Absolutely not! We designed this system to sit comfortably on the outside of your nose, with zero invasive pieces. The AC Nose Strips stick to the outside of your nose and they have built in steel discs which the magnets in the AC Band snap to when applied. Please watch the application video to see how easy it is to use our system!

Why do I need this system? 

There are life changing benefits to nose breathing! The problem is, once you are breathing your hardest, your nose naturally collapses upon inhale and you simply cannot sustain proper breathing technique.  The AC System holds your nose open far past its natural capacity using our patented magnetic design so you can breathe correctly throughout your workout. For more information on the science behind nose breathing, click here scroll down to "Why Do I Need This?".

What size band am I?

We are currently working on a better sizing chart for determining which size is right for you. For now, we have a couple recommendations. 1) If you are in doubt- go with a smaller size.  Most people wear a 0 or a 1.  Even if you feel that you could probably wear a size larger, you will still experience incredible benefits with the smaller size. 2.) If you are planning on using your band under a goggle, such as motocross, ski, snowboard, etc. we highly recommend going as small as a 0 for most users. The Smaller size doesn't pull as hard on your nose, therefore it holds more securely and reduces the likelihood of getting knocked off during intense movements.  If you are planning on using it without a goggle, such as at the gym, running, cross fit, etc. you may prefer a slightly larger size to fully experience the benefits of the incredible pull the magnetic system creates. If you would like to learn more about Sizing, visit our Sizing page above.

International shipping?

We are currently shipping only within the US and Canada during this phase one limited release. We are still working out International distribution and logistics. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter in order to be among the first to know when the product is available in your country!

Does the band come in different colors?

We originally designed our bands in black due to its non reflective nature, similar to Eye Black that football and baseball players use.  However, we fully intend to have multiple colors available very soon! 

How long will it take to get my order? 

Orders typically ship within one business day.  We use USPS- giving you the option to choose between first class mail (3 business days arrival), priority mail (2 business days arrival), or priority mail express (1 business day arrival).

What payment options do I have?

We are currently accepting credit and debit cards as well as paypal.

Where is AC Systems available?

Right here! Our AC System is available on our website as well as some larger online dealers. We love seeing new users try the band no matter where they decide to order from, however, we always recommend getting it straight from us so we have all of the information necessary to help you post purchase. Sign up for our newsletter for details on how we are taking our availability to the next level.

Still need answers? Contact us directly at: We are happy to answer any and all questions or concerns.