We know that picking the right size for your nose is a bit confusing, so if for any reason you feel that the information below does not answer your questions please email us at Info@IntakeBreathing.com and we would be happy to answer them for you! 



The band comes in four sizes- 0, 1, 2, and 3.  

The 0 is the smallest and they steadily increase in size up to our largest, the 3.  

Size is based on the width of your nose.  Wider nose = larger size. 

We are very understanding if you receive your band and you feel that you need a larger or a smaller size.  Simply email us and we would be happy to replace the one you have with whichever size you would like.


If you are planning on using your band primarily for goggle sports (any sport where you wear a goggle ie. motocross, snowboarding, etc.) we recommend that you go with the smallest option- the 0.  The band was designed with goggle wear in mind, however the turbulence of sports that require a goggle are much higher than say, running or cycling, so you want the tightest fit possible. 

If you are planning on wearing your band during other sports or activities where there is no goggle then we would recommend trying a larger size, like the 1 or the 2.  The larger the size the more pull you will experience on your nostrils, so the more airflow you will get.  

The size 3 will have the most pull on your nose and you will experience the greatest air flow, however, if your nose is small and you try to put on a 3, the intense magnetic pull may pull your stickers off where the 0, 1, or the 2 would allow them to last all day.  


Once again- we know it is a bit confusing, but we promise that when you get the band size that is right for you you will never go back!